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Tamper evident hologram

The feature of the anti-theft hologram is its non-portability, and since it’s nearly impossible to destroy it, it’s one of the most common and most used types of holograms. We can use this hologram at different levels of security and with different features, roll or sheet.

Non tamper evident hologram

This label is made up of a variety of cold holograms and is therefore a commonly used and widely used product that can not be removed after removal from the surface but can be provided at all levels of security. This type of hologram is recommended for products that do not care about the destruction of the hologram label. The obvious feature of this type is its ease of use and its affordable price in massive circulation.

Strip hologram

This type of hologram is used in the form of strips in different widths to fill the packaging of goods. In this case, the hologram tape is destroyed when disassembled from the packaging label level and the seal is falsified.

Transparent hologram

If you need to cover the information with the hologram so that the information shown below is also visible in the hologram, the use of a transparent hologram sticker is suggested. This label, while having all the security features, can be used transparently or in a semi-transparent manner. Meanwhile, the “Hot stamp” type is such that it is not possible to remove it from the attached surface. Signature cover, stamp, personnel information, numbers, letters or any important information contained in documents such as check Credentials, government documents, personnel cards, dissertations, Educational certificate, etc. are examples of the use of transparent hologram labels.

Combinatorial hologram

These types of labels are a combination of a hologram strip with a variety of materials, such as paper, a variety of polymers, aluminum, and more and It features is combination of  printing properties and holograms that typically includes Holo paper, Holo cap, Holo Shrink label. For example, Holo paper is a printed paper tag that includes a hologram strip. Since this product is combination, it can be of very high diversity and security. One of the largest consumers of this type of production is drug and tobacco industry.

Hot stamp hologram

The obvious feature of the hot-stamp hologram label is that it can not be reset after sticking to the desired surface, which is why the special printing device should be used to attach the label to the hologram printing hot. It is important to note that it is possible to insert various security elements and use colorful and transparent foils in this type of tag, and combining the above can introduce this label at high security levels. We are able to provide hot stamping hologram labels in rolls up to 8 mm wide and even attach them to different layers.

 Colored hologram

Typically, the color of the foil used in the holograms is silver. This color is very similar to that of the white paper in the printing process, so the brightness of the hologram design in the silver metallized foil is higher than that of other colors, but if for any reason it requires using colored foils such as gold, copper, blue, red, purple, green, etc., we have the ability to produce a variety of holograms using metallized foils.

UV hologram

In this type of Hologram, the password and the invisible image on the label with using UV light become visible.

General patterns

The feature of using the general patern hologram is its affordable price. This type of hologram can be produced in different colors and shapes by using other manufacturing elements such as serial numbers and so on. This type of label is used for limited orders and in cases where a high level of security is not required.


Tamper evident foils

Hologram foils with full release and form or written, such as honeycomb hologram, cancelled, void, Seal Broken hologram and so on.

 Security foils

These foils are hologram foils with special features for special applications:

1- Anti-theft foils with UV

2- Transparent anti-theft foils with simple and shaped tamper evident

3- Semi-transparent anti-theft foils with simple and shaped tamper evident

4- Multi Color Anti-Theft foils

Demetalized hot stamp foils

The printed Demetalized hot stamp foil has the following characteristics due to the use of a recorable adhesive after applying the appropriate heat to the printing and packaging process and is available in silver, copper, gold, multi-colored paints.

Can be attached on different levels including:

1- Normal paper with cover

2- PVC and plastic

3- Glass

4- Laminating plates

5- Acrylic and plastic

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1066 Bodapest, Utca 43-49, 2 Em, 214 Door


0036 702414363